Advantage HDC 3260 Tri-Colour mVMS (Compact)

Advantage HDC 3260
Tri-Colour mVMS (Compact)


Advantage HDC 3260 Tri-Colour mVMS (Compact)

Providing the best graphics available today.

NEW technology is creating a fresh dimension in the battle to make road signs stand out from the crowd. The compact model of our Advantage HDC 3260 Tri-Colour sign from Rennicks will do this job for you.

Colour pictograms have already changed the landscape of Britain’s highway network, proving an effective tool to alleviate traffic problems and improve safety, but the development of variable message signs capable of displaying roadside icons in much improved quality is pushing the boundaries of intelligent traffic solutions.

Features & Benefits
  • 40% more pixels than most competitor products
  • Displays up to 5 lines of text
  • Displays up to 15 characters per line
  • Red, white and amber display
  • Compact footprint
  • Less than 750kg
  • EN12966-1
  • IVA trailer approval
  • Fully programmable at the pedestal
  • Web based remote programming
  • Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation
  • Clarity of text and symbols
  • Allows more info on one line and one screen
  • Can display accurate TSRDG pictograms
  • Easy to site unit
  • Unbraked trailer
  • Fully legal to be placed on the network
  • Meets full UK specification trailer & lighting
  • Messages can be changed/activated on site
  • Easy to program with PC or smartphone
  • Easy setup and positioning of screen
  • Road user understands message sooner
  • No scrolling messages (TAL 01/15)
  • Reduced time on site
  • No additional licence costs
  • Satisfies DfT’s requirement
  • Fully legal to be towed on UK roads
  • Programmable locally when mobile network not available
  • VMS can be controlled from anywhere
  • No manual handling

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