Chapter 8 – A safety requirement

Road safety is coming into increasingly sharp focus – as a growing number of cars join the UK’s roads each year. Various reflective safety standards have been designed over recent years – resulting in a range of products that continues to diversify as needs change and evolve. As demand for Chapter 8 chevrons grows, we explain how these highly reflective safety products can be used across the board to protect workers on highways, roadsides and development sites.

Be safe – be seen

In the industry we refer to the art of standing out as ‘conspicuity’. The more you stand out, the better you can be seen – and ultimately the safer you become. Highly reflective Chapter 8 rear chevrons are fitted to the rear of a vehicle to increase its conspicuity – greatly minimising the risk of collisions and incidents caused by poor visibility, whether vehicles are moving or stationary.

Many organisations such as Romec Ltd, Royal Mail Group, BT and Network Rail amongst others have fitted Chapter 8 vehicle conspicuity to their fleets. One of these companies recently reported almost 15% of non-fault incidents within their fleet were collisions with the rear of their vehicles which was the key driver in their decision to fit Chapter 8 to their fleets.

Safer roadways for all

The need to ensure safety is maintained in all aspects of working with and around vehicles on our busy road network is good news for industry in general – and for the public. Working at the side of the road has always been dangerous, but with the introduction of the Chapter 8 recommendation (which stipulates that any vehicles stopping on roads for maintenance, checks or other purposes should be equipped with high visibility block fluorescent strips in chevron format), safety has increased massively and a reduction in accidents has been observed. Compliant vehicle livery is therefore of interest for a wide range of road users.

Not just for the emergency services

Traditionally Chapter 8 rear mounted chevrons were reserved predominantly for vehicles used by the emergency services. Now growing demand for this type of feature is being led by fleet managers, who naturally take the safety of workers incredibly seriously. Higher visibility has been shown to result in a lower number of incidents, further compounding the need for more sophisticated safety solutions. Fleet managers from all areas are now engaging in applying Chapter 8 to their vehicles from many different areas of business – from local post delivery vans to high-end support vehicles from companies such as Clancy Docwra and National Grid.

A diverse and versatile product range

Nikkalite materials available from Rennicks UK come from one of the leading brands for vehicle conspicuity, and Chapter 8 products are just another example of their exceptional properties for enhancing fleet safety. As Chapter 8 has different levels of reflective requirements for high and low speed roads, Rennicks UK offers a full range of materials to suit. The entry level FEG (Flexible Engineering Grade) materials give superb reflective properties even for a basic material and in contrast, work exceptionally well alongside Nikkalite’s Hi S Cal fluorescent yellow material. Rennicks’ Nikkalite offering for the upper-most Chapter 8 level are known as micro-prismatic materials. These are mainly designed for high-speed road use, but more often these days they are being employed as standard, providing improved safety for a relatively low cost. These superbly engineered, scientifically developed materials offer greater levels of retro-reflectivity and increase conspicuity by a reflectivity factor of 10. This in turn ensures those working both at the side of our busy roads and those travelling on the road network are kept as safe as possible.

At Rennicks we offer an extensive range of Chapter 8 materials, with up to 10 years’ warranty, via our approved converter network. Browse the website to learn more about Rennicks’ range of Chapter 8 vehicle mounts and discover our extensive selection of road safety features and reflective products. For more information, please call Nic Richell on 01928 579966.

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