Study Shows Low-Cost Measures Can Have Big Impact on Safety

A NEW study revealing Britain’s most improved roads shows how low-cost measures can have a significant impact on safety.

The Road Safety Foundation discovered better-quality signage, upgraded markings and improved delineation helped reduce fatal and serious crashes on stretches of the network by 80 per cent.

It found such simple improvements scheduled alongside routine maintenance can also create staggering savings and David Skinner, of Rennicks UK, is hoping more local authorities get the message.

He said: “The Road Safety Foundation report illustrates the dramatic results that can be achieved with simple methods.

The vast majority of routes which have improved most in terms of accident statistics have been subject to upgrades on signage and road markings.

It shows that by taking relatively inexpensive measures, authorities could significantly enhance safety.”

The study, entitled ‘How Safe Are You On Britain’s Roads?’, maps accidents across the network to identify routes which pose the greatest risk.

It also uses historical data to create a list of the ‘most improved’ roads and provide details of initiatives taken to achieve the results.

Mr Skinner added: “Better delineation is another simple and cost-effective way to improve safety on our highways.

Our range of solar-powered LED studs provide much-improved visibility and have been shown to be far more effective than traditional methods.

Indeed, a recent project reduced the number of reported accidents on a main route by 100 per cent.”

The study revealed injury costs alone amount to £2 billion on local authority ‘A’ roads with £600m on trunk roads and £300m on motorways.

And it put the annual economic saving of simple road improvements at around £25m or £110,000 per kilometre.

Mr Skinner added: “The figures show that simply by upgrading signage and road markings or using better delineation, authorities can also make significant long-term savings.

It’s a win-win situation and I hope they heed the message.”

Rennicks UK is at the forefront of sign technology, providing industry-leading solutions and innovative products to customers including local authorities and the Highways Agency.

The company’s cutting-edge Nikkalite® retroreflective material has been shown to provide highly durable, bright and clear traffic signage, offering superior visibility in the darkest and most adverse weather conditions.

Rennicks supply a wide choice of fully compliant microprismatic and glass bead sheeting suitable for a variety of applications along with protective overlay films such as Nikkalite® Dewtect dew resistant and anti-graffiti films which can help reduce whole-life costs in terms of maintenance.

The company also supplies a range of fully compliant intelligent traffic solutions including variable message signs and solar road studs shown to be far more effective than traditional methods of delineation.

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