Nikkalite® A100 Series Transparent Coloured Overlay Films

A100 Series Transparent Coloured Overlay Films


Nikkalite® A100 Series Transparent Coloured Overlay Films

Nikkalite® A100 series transparent coloured overlays are durable cast flexible sheetings, which have excellent dimensional stability and a clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a plastic liner.

Transparent coloured overlays are designed to be applied to the surface of retroreflective white sheeting offering a simplified and efficient system of sign manufacture for permanent and temporary traffic signs.

Effective performance life

The effective performance life for traffic signs installed vertically in the UK and Ireland will be equivalent to that of the Nikkalite® retroreflective sheeting base film, providing that these materials have been processed and applied in accordance with Nikkalite® sheeting instructions.

Product codes are as follows;                                     

A142 Clear                     107 Orange

104 Yellow                     108 Green

105 Red                          109 Brown

106 Blue                         128 Dark Green



Physical and visual performance

Nikkalite® A100 series have been tested to the requirements of EN 12899-1; 2007 Fixed, vertical road traffic signs.

Further details can be provided on request.

Processing information

Nikkalite® overlays have excellent handling characteristics and are specifically designed for processing on upright friction and flatbed plotting equipment.

A142 clear overlay maybe applied to the surface of sign faces to act as a protective layer.


For further details refer to;
  • Storage instructions


Features & Benefits
  • Durable and flexible
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Tested to the requirements of EN 12899-1
  • Simple and efficient system of road sign manufacture

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