Nikkalite® Economy Grade RA1 T4400 & T4500

Economy Grade RA1
T4400 & T4500


Nikkalite® Economy Grade RA1 T4400 & T4500

Nikkalite® Economy grade is a self-adhesive retroreflective sheeting for the manufacture of temporary road traffic signs to BS 8442, multicolour graphics, advertising boards and similar products where a short to medium term durability is required.

White and Yellow colours are available in both;

  • low tack semi-positional
  • high tack adhesive


High tack is recommended for recycled plastics or low temperature application. The adhesive is protected by a paper release liner.

These materials are not suitable for the manufacture of permanent Road Traffic Signs.

Adhesive Types        Product Code (low tack)       Product Code (high tack)

White                                            T4412                                                T4512            

Yellow                                           T4404                                                T4504            

Orange                                           4407

Light Green                                   4408

BS 8442 Miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices

White & Yellow colours tested for initial and after weathering to the requirements of BS 8442 fully comply as detailed in BSi reports 247/4458006.

Visual performance

Daylight chromaticity CR1.

Photometric requirements

Glass bead sign face materials Class RA 1.

Resistance to weathering sign face materials

T2 3 year period. Impact resistance no damage observed when tested on 3mm aluminium plate, zintec steel and HDPE black plastic substrate

Storage & Application of sheeting

Nikkalite® sheetings will bond to clean smooth surfaces of tested and approved metal, coated metal, and certain plastic sheets. Refer to separate detailed technical information.

Features & Benefits
  • Colour fast
  • Resistance to weather
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Resistance to most solvents
  • Dimensional ability

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