Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade Microprismatic Sheeting

Flexible Crystal Grade
Microprismatic Sheeting


Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade Microprismatic Sheeting

Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade is a flexible microprismatic retroreflective sheeting designed for emergency vehicle liveries complying with the Home Office Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB) [now the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)] High-Conspicuity Livery specification.

AdvantEdge edge sealed Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade rolls are cut to various widths for vehicle conspicuity and are available in the standard colour range.

Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade retroreflective and fluorescent retroreflective liveries are very conspicuous providing early recognition of the vehicles position to other road users due to;

  • high retroreflectivity during the hours of darkness
  • high conspicuity during twilight hours of fluorescent colours
  • high daytime contrast colours


Product code                                                    Warranty

White 92802                                                          10 years

Blue 92806                                                             10 years

Red 92805                                                              10 years

Green 92808                                                         10 years

Fluorescent Yellow Green 92844                     10 years

Fluorescent Orange 92847                                10 years

Minimum coefficients of retroreflectivity

Minimum coefficients of retroreflectivity







Day time chromaticity

Day time chromaticity

Features & Benefits
  • High retroreflectivity during the hours of darkness
  • Complies with ECE Regulation 48 and High-Conspicuity Livery specification
  • High conspicuity fluorescent colours during twilight hours
  • High daytime contrast colours

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