Nikkalite® Flexible Engineering Grade (FEG)

Flexible Engineering Grade (FEG)


Nikkalite® Flexible Engineering Grade (FEG)

Nikkalite® Flexible Engineering Grade (FEG) is a flexible glass-beaded retroreflective sheeting that renders retroreflectivity during darkness. It is designed for use on emergency vehicles and fleet markings where application to riveted and corrugated surfaces may be required.

The material is highly resistant to extremes of hot, cold, dry and humid weathering conditions and vehicles liveried with FEG sheeting are attractive in appearance and highly visible during both day and night-time conditions.


Nikkalite® FEG is available in 24” and 48” x 50yds rolls in the following colours;

Colour            Product No.         OA 0.2°          EA -4° 

Black                      48003                     3                     3

Yellow                   48004                     50                    50

Red                        48005                      5                      5

Blue                       48006                      6                      6

Green                    48008                      7                      7

White                    48012                     70                   70

Average coefficient of retroreflection cd/lux/ OA; Observation angle EA; Entrance angle.

Expected performance life

FEG can be expected to have a useful working life of up to 7 years on vertical panels for standard colours.

Physical Properties

Properties                                          Test Method                                         Results

Average thickness                             Micrometer                                           150+/-5um   

Average Gloss                                    Glossmeter                                           >85 at 60°C

Tensile strength                                 Instron tester                                       >2.3kgf/25mm

Elongation                                           Instron tester                                       >120

Min application temperature        Flat smooth surface                             15°C

Max application temperature       Corrugated / Riveted surfaces           25°C

Features & Benefits
  • High visibility in both day and night time conditions
  • Highly resistant to extremes of weather
  • Designed for emergency and fleet vehicles
  • Especially effective during twighlight hours
  • Bright, durable and impact resistant
  • Chapter 8 compliant

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