Permanent Traffic Sign Sheeting

Permanent Traffic Sign Sheeting

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Nikkalite® 92800 Crystal Grade R3B Microprismatic Sheeting

The earlier a motorist is able to see a road sign, the longer they have to absorb the information given. This is especially important when traveling at speed. Nikkalite® Crystal Grade Microprismatic Sheeting has been developed as a premium, high visibility product, perfect for use on motorways, high speed roads and busy, brightly lit towns and cities.

Nikkalite® Ultralite Extra (ULX) 600 Series Retroreflective Sheeting

Nikkalite® Ultralite Extra (ULX) 600 series is a high intensity prismatic (HIP) retroreflective sheeting, designed for use on road traffic signs.

Nikkalite® Ultralite 800 Series Glass Bead RA2

There has always been high demand in the signage industry for a cost effective yet highly competent reflective sheeting product. Ultralite fulfils this role superbly.

Nikkalite® Engineering Grade RA1

Nikkalite® 8100 series Engineering Grade retroreflective sheeting is an enclosed lens sheeting material manufactured by Nippon Carbide Industries (NCI), which renders high retroreflectivity at night.

Hi-S Cal Non-Retroreflective 4178 Series

Hi-S Cal 4178 series is premium quality film with a permanent adhesive suitable for non-retroreflective road traffic signs manufactured to EN 12899-1. Fine detail and graphics down to approximately 5mm can be cut and weeded from this durable opaque interpolymer and cadmium free marking film. Hi-S Cal 4178 is available in Black, White, Yellow, Grey and Blue.

Nikkalite® Silk Screen Printing Inks

Confidence and quality is assured in specifying the Nikkalite® brand. By using Nikkalite® silk screen printing inks you can be sure of durable and user friendly inks.


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