Nikkalite® Silk Screen Printing Inks

Silk Screen
Printing Inks


Nikkalite® Silk Screen Printing Inks

Nikkalite® N3600 series pre-screening inks are durable, highly transparent, quick drying screen printing inks, manufactured by Nippon Carbide Industries (NCI), that bond strongly and permanently to Nikkalite retroreflective sheetings.

Processing instructions should be strictly adhered to for compliance to EN 12899.

NCI cascaded ITT is available for RA1, RA2, R2 and R3B sheetings to support and reduce customers’ own screen printing ITT.

N3600 Colour           Product Code

Black                                     N3603

Yellow                                   N3604

Blue                                       N3616

Red                                        N3625

Thinner                                N3611

Toner                                    N3612

Hardener                             N3631



Processing instructions
  • Screen printing should be undertaken in a clean separated area with good air extraction and ventilation
  • Set up oscillating fans before printing commences inclined slightly downwards directed on the drying racks over the surface of the printed sheeting to remove solvent and speed up the drying process
  • Set fans to “high” for approximately 30 minutes
  • Provide an air gap between the drying rack shelves of at least 10cm for adequate airflow and to reduce the drying time. Insufficient air circulation and flow may cause fine cracks in the sheeting surface
  • When tunnel drying do not exceed 70°C and place in drying rack afterwards
  • To confirm sign faces are dry for storage, press two screened surfaces together firmly for 5 seconds. Hold close to ear and pull apart. If peeling sound is heard, continue the drying process.


Processing guidance for N3600 series two component inks
  • Calculate amount of ink needed for print run
  • Using postage type scales for weighing accuracy, mix 8 parts hardener to 100 parts of N3600 ink
  • After mixing with hardener inks have a maximum 8 hour pot life – shorter in hot temperatures
  • Prints must be racked for 5-6 hours before stacking and storage (ideally racking should be overnight)
  • Ink will not dry completely through a tunnel drier
  • Drying conditions for racked prints; warm and ventilated with good airflow from oscillating fans
  • Screen needs to be cleaned thoroughly immediately after printing. If any residue is left in the mesh it will cure and block the mesh (if this happens then the only solution is a new mesh)


Features & Benefits
  • Confidence and quality is assured
  • Durable and user friendly

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