Active Road Studs

Active Road Studs


Active Road Studs

Offering a bright alternative to traditional road studs, the SR range of Active Road Studs provide excellent night time luminance. With an ever increasing need to switch off street lights to save energy, safety is paramount. The SR range of Road Studs have the answer, leading you safely along your route.

A complete range of solar powered and hard wired Active Road Studs.  As a brighter alternative to traditional cats eye road studs, Rennicks SR Active Road Studs are easy to install, robust and ideal for delineation, guidance and warning in a number of locations.

From cycle paths to roads and airports and from entry or exit lanes to tunnels, SR Active Road Studs have a solution for all your needs. Trust Rennicks to light up the road ahead.



Dual LEDs and Day Time Colour ID
The SR-21 provides a colour identifier for daytime use in addition to the components in the SR-15 and SR-20.  It can also be maintained or replaced if required. Studs are either uni or bi directional.


360° Visibility

The all round vision of the SR-35 provides 4 x LEDs equally spaced where delineation or hazard warning is needed all around. All studs come as always on or flashing to suit the requirement. Available in a choice of colours – Red, Green, Blue, Amber or White.


360° LEDs

Up to 16 LEDs can be switched via a suitable controller (eg: red to green). Useful for cycle route management at critical junctions and multiple entry routes. Also can be used on car parks and for shopping centres solutions where day and night time warnings are needed.


SR 45 48SR-45 & SR-48
Directional and Switchable LED Banks
Uni (SR-45) or Bi Directional (SR-48) studs can be connected to any system for active changes according to requirements (eg: red to green). Useful for Active Traffic Management (ATM).


360° Programmable LEDs

Ideal for roads, tunnels, parks and airports, these hardwired 360° LED road studs can be seen from all sides. Bright and robust with the option of programmable functions and remote controlling.


Projected Tunnel Illumination

Specially designed as an off road alternative for tunnels, the SR-T24 has mulitple LEDs on any face of the stud to suit. Cabled in conduit can also provide emergency guidance from a UPS.



Features & Benefits
  • Extraordinary night time delineation
  • Maintainable and controllable
  • Dual LEDs and daytime colour ID
  • Directable and switchable LED banks
  • Projected tunnel illumination
  • Designed for entry and exit lanes

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