Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System

Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System

Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System

Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System [RVJTS] is a first of its kind solution to the issue of journey time. RVJTS is live, flexible and reactive and perfect for incident management, events and large infrastructure schemes. By eliminating the need for hardware, deployment costs are saved, delays in procurement are reduced and there is no risk to road worker safety.

RVJTS also allows infinite flexibility when compared to a hardware solution using ANPR or Bluetooth and by using crowd sourced data, it allows the creation and amendment of routes with an associated journey time being immediately available.

No time lag, no nonsense.

The video below gives more detailed information about Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System.



virtual journey time solutions

“The system is a great tool for reassuring the road user their journey may not be as disrupted as first perceived. We are able to display accurate and reliable journey times for our diversion routes and find the time displayed on the sign provides important road user information when operating our overnight road closure programme.” – Manchester Smart Motorways

“With the Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System we’ve been able to provide drivers with live times for diversions using remote data, so there’s no need for equipment along the diversion route.” – Highways England

Rennicks UK say: ”Clear and accurate information, presented to drivers in a timely manner, will improve the overall network experience for motorists.

“The use of Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System (RVJTS) delivered by Rennicks UK, and their variable message sign (VMS) rental partner Clancy Plant on the Manchester smart motorway project, shows one step towards that reality.


See below how the Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System has benefited Manchester Smart Motorways.

Rennicks at Traffex – April 2017


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