Tourist Gateway Signs

Tourist Gateway Signs


Tourist Gateway Signs

New Tourist Gateway Signs – A Guide

In order to provide a better sense of place, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Transport have worked closely with the traffic sign manufacturing industry to develop new boundary signs that can incorporate photographic images. This is a new and radical change to the traditional sign design process.

Plymouth City Council’s new Tourist Gateway Sign, showing Smeaton’s Tower, designed with the Department for Transport’s assistance, was the first Tourist Gateway Sign to be formally authorised. It combines the existing, recognisable brown tourist sign element with a full colour photo, digitally printed onto Rennicks Nikkalite® Ultralite retroreflective sheeting.

DfT approval no longer required

Department for Transport authority is no longer required for these signs as they are now automatically approved under the 2015 Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRDG).

Atttractive, attention-grabbing traffic signage is a great way to draw visitors to revenue earning destinations such as towns, scenic areas and individual attractions – so Tourist Gateway Signs could seriously benefit your local economy.

Rennicks offer gateway signs for the whole country.

Creating your bespoke sign

Selection of an iconic image, highly recognisable to your area will ensure your visitors take home a lasting memory and encourage them and others to return time after time.

The full colour photo can then be printed onto Nikkalite ® Ultralite retroreflective sheeting using the Rennicks UVIJ digital printer.

The following sign shops can provide the expertise and have the specialised equipment in place to ensure you get the best quality and visual appearance standards:


Online Configurator Tool

You can use our Tourist Gateway Sign Creator to visualise how your sign with a message will look.

Performance Levels

Non-traffic colours digitally printed on the Rennicks Traffic Sign Printer, using NCI UVIJ inks, laminate and white Nikkalite® permanent traffic grade retroreflective sheetings in accordance with NCI recommendations have an expected visual performance life in excess of 5 years.

Traffic colours produced in the same way comply to the requirements for traffic colours in EN 12899-1 for chromaticity, luminance and retroreflectivity and shall be warranted for up to 12 years.

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